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Is your talent acquisition team working really hard to hire top engineers, but the results are dissappointing? Or you just don’t know where to start? We can help you find the bottlenecks, make a solid plan and solve your problems.

Executive Search

A fee based recruitment service for software vendors, product companies & scale-ups with a focus on senior+ roles in:
1. Engineering
2. Management to CxO level
3. High-End Sales & Marketing

Recruitment Outsourced

Inhouse service to take full responsibility for hiring without you having to worry about anything else but to offer growth opportunities with a good company culture and great purpose.

Focus on Scale-ups

We have a lot of experience working for scale-ups and hyperscale product companies. This is where we can add value as trusted advisor for all parties.


Our experience is mostly within companies that are building their product with software and where it has a major impact on the business outcome


We are picky because commitment leads to having fun and fulfilling a purpose. When you have fun recruiting people this leads to long-term success.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that inclusion leads to diversity and diversity leads to more inclusion. We are happy to help you with this journey. Because diverse and inclusive teams bring more fun and better results.

Company Culture

A good company culture is formed by strong values that everybody in your team strongly believes in. It should not just be a line written on your website. We like to help you find the right cultural match. This is important for long-term success.


The reason why we get up in the morning should put a smile on your face. It is something you talk about with passion when people ask you what you do for a living.

Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose

Viktor Frankl

About Us

Continuously Raising the bar


We are experienced advisors with a background in the software business and scale-up scene. We are committed to get the best for both clients and candidates.


We only work with clients that want to improve constantly and want to offer a great place to work for our candidates. A place where people feel they belong and respected. Where ideas become products and have an impact on this world.

Full remote

We are wandering around the innovative software and scale-up scenes in Europe like Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Eindhoven, London, Paris, Munich.

Who We Are

We are your trusted advisor, friend, coach and trainer in the software recruitment business. We offer years of experience in scaling software, sales & marketing teams for international scale-ups and software vendors on both sides (agency and inhouse).

Our Vision

Building purposeful winning teams offering quality recruitment services with a full focus on making a long-term match that brings joy and hapiness.

Our Mission

Connecting purpose with people.


Feedback From Our Clients & Candidates
Moshe Vered
    Moshe Vered

    CEO @Provallo

    Robert from 4Purpose is a special combination of professional and pragmatic approach to reaching out to the best people. Has very good knowledge of technology semantics which allows him to be very independent of the hiring manager, yet holds great experience in understanding the actual hiring process. A great re-enforcement to any R&D department.

    Vikas Gupta
      Vikas Gupta

      CTO @Choco (Ex Uber & Facebook)

      Robert from 4Purpose helped build Choco Engineering Product and Design organization in Berlin and took full ownership of the process start to end. He delivered with tenacity, focus, full ownership, challenged me and everyone around to expand the horizon, championed and became the voice of candidates.

      Serhiy Sputay
        Serhiy Sputay

        Snr. Software Engineer @Disney Streaming

        Robert did an excellent job helping me to find and apply for my current position. He provided me with many useful tips on interviewing and was always ready to help during the transition process. I would definitely recommend Robert as recruiter and share his services in my professional network.

        Svetoslav Vaksevski
          Svetoslav Vaksevski

          Talent Acquisition Manager @Choco

          Robert is a great colleague and very passionate about the company’s mission. devoted to filling the roles. Great sourcing skills. I would say that he is very creative, structured, and on time. I started working with him for some of the Backend positions at Choco and we had a really good collaboration. Robert is a great team player: very communicative, open-minded, easy-going, and also open to helping always when you need support. Thank you Robert for the great collaboration! I highly recommend Robert for your team. I believe he could help you scale your business with skilled candidates.

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